The Giving Witness Practicum assumes that participants such as yourself have completed either a 19th Annotation retreat or a 30 day retreat. If you have not participated in either, then you need to have attended numerous weekend retreatants based on the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola and have a mastery of the 4 weeks of the Spiritual Exercises.  
  • If you have attended a 19th Annotation retreat or a 30 day retreat, please use the following form to state when and where you have completed the Spiritual Exercises. On the form itself, the question is: "When/where did you make the Spiritual Exercises?" 

  • If you have not attended a 19th Annotation retreat or 30 day retreat, please use the following form to explain your experience of the Spiritual Exercises that have prepared and lead you to desire to give retreats and talks rooted in the Ignatian tradition.  On the form itself, the prompt is: "List your experience with the Spiritual Exercises." 
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Monday July 15
ISI Practicum with Carol Ackels and Fr. Mike Graham, SJ
Those staying overnight during the Practicum have a private room and breakfast all 4 days. The full cost for those staying overnight is $995.
Commuters will not have breakfast provided or a private room but will have access to all public areas of the retreat house during the Practicum. The full cost for commuters is $795.
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ISI Practicum July 15-19, 2024:
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